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Summer is a bit like that hot date you have on Friday night: you want to look your best while wearing minimal clothing, and as per usual, you have absolutely nothing to wear.

Unlike winter, with all of its layered coats and tights and over the knee boots, summer is a LOT more restrictive. Figuratively speaking. There’s only so much you can do with a tank and pair of denim shorts.

This year though, we’re noticing a few key trends come through that were truly born for summer. Add these five pieces to your wardrobe, and you’ll not only be set for the entire season, but you might just score a hot date for Friday night too.

The Slide

Don’t get me wrong, sneakers and strappy sandals are great and all, but in summer they can be a liiiiiiiiittle hot / annoying / tight / time-consuming. When there’s ice-cream to be eaten, ain’t nobody got time for dat. Slides on the other hand, are the ultimate shoe. They take 2.5 seconds to put on, work with any outfit you throw at them, and can be kicked off with ease as soon as you sit down to relax with an Aperol spritz. I mean, what more do you really want? A free holiday??

The Wrap-Up Party Dress

This style is the one to watch in 2017; it’s like the deconstructed shirting trend and the off shoulder neckline got together to create the cutest little party dress lovechild of all time. It hits on all the best trends we’ve been loving lately, and couldn’t be more perfect for, well, any plans you have all summer really (weddings, girls nights, fancy outdoor events, a trip to the corner store etc etc).

The Boys Denim Jacket

How does that old saying go? Jackets come and go but denim is forever? Of all the outerwear we accumulate through life, the denim jacket is a mainstay. But there are variations… oh, are there variations. This season for example, is all about the oversized belted jacket that looks like it’s come straight from your boyfriend’s wardrobe. And nothing says off-duty supermodel quite like something that looks like it’s come straight from your boyfriend’s wardrobe, right?

The Bare Shoulder Shirt

Because we’re so obsessed with all things shirting and off the shoulder (see item #2) the Fashion Gods have gone and given us another hybrid to work with. The bare shoulder shirt is like a party on the top, business on the bottom, and is the cheekiest little trend that’ll bring your wardrobe into the now. Ditch all your other shirts ASAP.

The Summer Jumpsuit

Who doesn’t love an easy throw-on when it’s a trillion degrees outside? The summer jumpsuit is just like a regular jumpsuit, only better! Why? It leaves your shoulders bare to catch those sweet rays of sunshine, it’s tapered through the body to fit perfectly around the important bits, and it’s cropped in the leg – a feature we’re pretty sure is built in for dipping your ankles in the sea… and showing off those pretty little slides, of course.

Image Credit: Vogue.com. HarpersBazaar.com.au

Words:Alyce Cowell

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