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At The Con-nection we love individuality, and that's why we can't get enough of this incredible feminine and playful brand GOOD&CO, and all the artwork featured on their luxe pieces are photos the designer, Lillie has taken on her travels which is pretty spesh.

We thought the brand resonated with us here at TCN so much so that we are excited to share that we have collaborated with GOOD&CO to create two silk scarfs (train tracks + parisian rooftops) that we believe will work with almost every outfit and elevate you look.

The brains behind the brand, Lillie Toogood has worked for the likes of Karen Walker, Trelise Cooper and Camilla and Marc in the past, which we think is a pretty impressive rep card, before she decided to start GOOD&CO in 2011.

Hope you enjoy our interview with Lillie below

1. Lillie, you have a background in graphic design and photography. Can you give us a little background how you started your label Good & Co did you have a ‘light bulb’ moment?

I didn't have a light bulb moment as such, more like a happy accident. After spending a few years printing t-shirts and hoodies mainly for men and kids, I was trying to find a clothing/accessory that I could design and I could wear myself, that I could incorporate my photos/graphics with textiles. I was working for Camilla and Marc in production when I discovered Digital printing on large scale and thought this was a great tool. One thing led to the next and I had my first collection of scarves being featured on The Design Files and in going into Incu Womens' stores.

2. We love that scarfs are classic and timeless and can be styled and worn a variety of ways. What’s your favourite way to wear them?

I live in scarves, and did even before I was designing them, with accessories always being a feature in my wardrobe. I generally don't leave the house without a scarf, and usually just have them loose around my neck (hanging open) or tied in my hair to cover a bad hair day (great for wild curly hair in the humid Sydney summer months).

3. What’s the inspiration behind your latest spring 16/17 collection?

SS16/17 is the result of my first trip to mainland USA last year, and a collision of the east and west coasts. I loved the states, it was a fascinating place to visit, and we loved exploring around the different areas of New York and California. I definitely found the to states to be contrasts apart and loved the visual differences. The lines and patterns of NY, and sprawling colours of LA were so cool. Love love love. Can't wait to go back and get into the country a bit more.

4. Must-wear print or colour for the season?

Prints! Always printed scarves with pops of colour and neutral tones clothes. I love black, white, grey and monotone patterns.

5. Is it true that each of your prints featured on your scarfs are photographs that you have taken on your travels?

Yes this is correct. All the artwork featured are photos I have taken, and obviously some are then digitally modified, cut up etc on photoshop. Others are kept as they are. It just depends on what I'm working on, and how much I like to play with the artwork. I use the photos as a platform to then create the final design with, and love being able to completely transform an image into a graphic with photoshop.

6. Favourite travel destination and why?

Oh, this is such a hard question! I think at the moment it's probably Berlin - I've just been back and it's such an inspiring, amazing, buzzy place. We can really relate to it and can see ourselves spending some more time there. Every visit is always a completely different experience too. Such a fascinating place.

7. How would you describe Goods & Co in five words?

Playful, timeless, modern, creative, original

8. Can you give any tips to other aspiring designers or women looking to start their own brand or business?

Hang in there! It's hard work but a great feeling once the hours start to pay off. If you have a good product be prepared to have people try and copy you - fashion is brutal and it just seems to be accepted that that is the way of the world. Stand by your gut feeling and don't sell your soul (unless it's on your terms!)

9. What’s next for Goods & Co? Any exciting projects?

We've got a few new things in the pipelines at the moment that should hopefully come to fruition in the next 6 months (as well as working on great collabs for amazing stores like The Con_Nection).

For now we are working on cracking international markets, with London trade shows happening this week and more on the cards - Busy! But more travel so can't complain.

Photography:Liane Hurvitz

Makeup: Chantelle Baker


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