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BTS with Elodie

Lounging with Henne made perfect with the Elin Knit & Gigi Pants, oh and our beautiful model Elodie


We went BTS with Elodie and asked her a few questions 


1. Favourite clothing item 
I have a huge jeans collection so I’ve got to say jeans! I have heaps of patterned ones, flared/ bell bottom jeans, and my favourite Alexander Wang print jeans and the Fendi Zucca print ones!
2.  Favourite food 
 I’m obsessed with halloumi cheese at the moment! Doesn’t matter if it’s in a salad or a burger I’ll order it!

3. Favourite place to travel

My favourite place is definitely Tokyo! I really like the lifestyle, fashion, culture and food ! It’s so different to anywhere western that I’ve travelled.

4. Favourite quote

 “That’s hot” - Paris Hilton

5.What are you trying out during ISO? 

  Been doing a lot of home workouts from YouTube which I don’t do often, the equipment free ones are so good! Also just started playing animal crossing which is unfortunately distracting me from working out haha

You can shop Elodies comfy yet chic look below; the Elin Knit, available in Creme and Black paired with the in demand Gigi Pants. The perfect look for lounging, whilst looking and feeling good

Elodie wears a size S/M Elin Knit, and size XS Gigi Pant
Photographer: Katie Fergus
Model: Elodie Russell
Makeup/Hair: Ashleigh Carpenter

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