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See what at-home workouts these babes are doing...

We asked the incredible 

Pia Cattapan, Laura Henshaw, Rebecca Judd, Brooke Hogan, Jess Kent & Claudia Tomczyk how they are keeping fit at home and their fave Henne piece they just cannot get enough of

Here is how Pia is keeping her body moving, oh and how good does she look in the Elsa Dress by Henne

I’ve always opted for high intensity workouts because I thought it was the only way. But during isolation I’ve been slowing it down and doing Core Plus Pilates and the Melissa Wood Health method which is about slow targeted toning. I feel the burn every time, have already noticed changes in my body and my mind and relationship with exercise has never been better 

Here is how Jess is keeping fit, oh and what a stunner she is in the Argo Dress Moss by Henne


I am loving the Nike Training Club app, it has a huge variety of free workouts for all levels and is great if you have little or no equipment at home 

Brooke is trying out some new workouts and loves wearing her go-to Classic Racer Tank by Henne. You can even work out in it!

 My go to is usually reformer Pilates however considering we don’t have access to machines/studios I’ve been using my great fiend Steph Smiths program Keep It Cleaner. I’m getting my Pilates fix along with HIIT training & also trying out some new things like yoga and meditation which is all available on their app.

The beautiful Rebecca Judd and Jaggad Queen herself says KIC! Oh and she too often finds herself living in the Classic Racer Tank Sky Blue by Henne

KIC! It’s so easy to do in any room of your house and is a nice mix of Pilates, yoga, boxing and HIIT workouts. They are also only 20-25 mins so easy to get through. 

Fitness Queen Claudia has her own PT! She also can't get enough of the Classic Racer Dress Sage by Henne

I am so lucky that my partner, Daniel Roberts is a personal trainer so he writes up all my programming for me which has definitely has helped to transform my body. We also have a home gym so I train there. Daniel also creates home workouts with either equipment or no equipment for others & every Sunday we run a online workout for the wider community for free which is super fun!

The KIC creator herself Laura lets us know her fave KIC workout and her fave Henne clothing item, the Classis Racer Dress Sage 

My fave workout is a Keep it Cleaner HIIT workout, I love them because they only take 20 minutes, you don’t need any equipment so you can do at home and they really get your heart rate up. 

Thank you beautiful ladies for sharing your favourite at-home workouts and favourite Henne piece with our TCN community. 

Lots of love

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